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A New Journey

Times are such, it's long over due that I take the plunge...Suffice it to say, I'm all in on becoming a web designer.

I've been a legal secretary for over 20 years. Working mainly in big law — assisting across several practice areas. Having the great fortune to assist legal professionials from 1st year assocciates to managing partners in litigation, corporate and general practice. It's been a most enjoyable career. However, all good things come to an end. And the mess of COVID‐19 was not the beginning of the decline of the legal secretary. In 2013, separated from employment I thought was going to last until retirement, my pursuit of a new vocation started. I found MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and begin training in web design/front-end development, finding I had a real passion for buidling websites. 7 years later, I...

...have advanced HTML and CSS skills. JavaScript is still kicking my tail. I'm on the cusp of mastering the basics. Capable of putting together some simple scripts. I can toggle content, create and call functions and have a deep familiarity with arrays. I still feel the need to triple check my script. Yet, while not a total novice; I'm no advanced scripter. From the start, my goal has been to master the 3 pillars of coding — HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I'm determined to become advanced in all 3 areas. The best way to do it is to keep on building. I'm loving it.

I've built projects using WordPress and maintain the bulk of my own online presence through it. Customizing themes is one of my favorite things to do. I love the challenge and have experience with Web Builders (.i.e., Weebly, Wix) as well as E-commerce Builders (Shopify, Bigcommerce and Woocommerce).

My administrative skills are still intact as well. I'm MOS Certified, I have the ability to create complex (or simple) formulas in Excel and love making PowerPower presentations look like movies. Used MOOcs to study marketing and business accounting. I haven't left being an administrative assistant. It's the opportunties that are quite slim. So now I am embarking on a new career. Let the web designer in me live. And hoo, I think this about sums up my career history. Let's move on to more pertinent information.

If you came here expecting to see the resume of a legal secretary, please go here.


I've earned several online certificates from MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). It's been MOOC heaven for me...When I first started learning online, I used Coursera almost exclusively. They charge a fee for their courses now. The fee is reasonable and the certifications are recognized in the business community. Which means business takes Coursera certifications seriously. I've earned certificates in the fields and MOOCs listed below. View my certifications here.


Scale:  Beginner  Basic  Intermediate  Above Average  Advanced

    Knowledge Base

  • Proficient use of CSS and HTML
  • Divi (by Elegant Themes) — Premium WordPress theme
  •,, WordPress Free and Premium themes
  • Website Builder Customization
  • E-commerce Builder Customization
  • Responsive Design
  • Cross-Browser Support and Accessiblity Guidlines
  • HTML Semantics
  • Mock-ups - Adobe XD
  • UI/UX

    Developing Skills

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • BEM (Block Element Modifier)
  • JQuery
  • A/B Testing
  • WordPress Codex
  • SASS


JavaScript has been a challenge for me. And for that reason alone, it's worth including it as a section of my Portfolio. A place to both show and test my skills.

Enter data into the the name field to auto populate the date and page url fields. It's both show‐ee and practical. I for one, like auto populate fields as a user — it is good for UX. While the page URL is good for behind the scenes tracking. Collecting data that can be used in analyzing user inter-action. Users don't even need to see it. JavaScript has it's place — and it's behind the scenes.

JavaScript Form

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I'm building my Portfolio one sample at a time. Best place to start is in the beginning. This is considered my beginning. Included below are a few handy samples of my work with a quick link to the project. As I build and re-design, not only my career — but my entire online presence, I hope these samples are sufficient enough to show my skills and talents. Follow this link to see more samples of my work.

Free Code Camp Assignments

Helen Keller Tribute

Tribute Page

Waxy Way Product

Product Page

Survery Form - FCC

Survey Form

Online Profile

CV - Side Fixed Header

Traditional Header

CV - Side Fixed Header

Sided Fixed Header

CV - Full View Header

Full View Header

Website Design

Man Van Home Page

Man With A Van - Home

Man with A Van - Pricing

Man With A Van - Pricing

Man With A Van - Full Page Site

Man With A Van - 1 Page Site

That's all for now folks!