About This Page

It claims to be the bio of the proprietor for AEDubyah In Order. You will find biographical content on this page (see the "Tiny Bio"). In reality, this page is doing double duty. It's acting as an "About Me" page and as a sample of my web page building capabilities. Welcome to Version 4.0. This go around, I'm finding CSS and HTML to be a breeze. Practice really does make perfect. Least I sound cocky, I have to admit you'll never stop learning if you are a coder. It's a field that seems to never exhaust changes. Staying fresh is a true nature of this beast. I'm stilling working on upping my JavaScript game. I'm now studying with a master — Zell Liew java-ing, javascripter. Most recently I was able to finish up a flex-box course where I learned by playing a game built by a flex-box master — Dave Geddes. And of course, creating this page from scratch remains awesome training.

When I'm not designing pages from scratch, Divi (by Elegant Themes) is still my fav WordPress theme. Good Googa Moogalee, if they don't stop updating every week, I'm gonna bust. Any hoo, for Version 4.0 of this page, I'm focusing on how to put my basic JavaScript skills to practical use...

The “read more ” button is JavaScript driven. So it's not really an upgrade (we first tried it out in version 3.0). This go around a form and few JavaScript driven elements have been added to the page. I'd point those elements out, if I wasn't working them in as I update the page. Somethings I've tried are working out. While other Java addons - well not so much. For instance, my plan was to add a “back-to-top” button. The good part of this exercise is it took me a matter of minutes to complete, and a few extra checking my work to make the button. Once it was finished, there was bad news. Since the header's fixed, having a “back-to-top” makes no sense. The top of the page is always there, which means there was nothing to go back to. Which actually brings me back to, and makes, my point; the JavaScript needs to be practical or it doesn't fit this version. Any hoo, check out the form. Enter data into the the name field to auto populate the date and page url fields. It's both show‐ee and practical at the same time. I for one, like auto populate fields as a user, so that date thingee is good for UX. While the page URL is good for behind the scenes tracking. Users don't even need to see it. See show‐ee and practical. Right now I'm wasting precious realestate pointing out JavaScripted page elements. Just know I'm going Java on your right now - in a practical way. Now where to put the form?


To see a screencap of Version 2.0  here.

Link Warning

I'm honestly considering getting rid of this section. All I can say about links at this point is there are some dummy links on this page. Seems like a nice place to put a form and change the title to "Form Sampe" or something like that. I did add a new link to the sidebar and got rid of the Analytics Certification link. I didn't re-test this year - so no certificate for me. I guess I did have a bit to say about links...Take a moment and check out my JavaScripted form. Just a basic form with minimal styling. Who needs to waste time styling when we're practicing, practicing, practicing. Fun times I tell you.

JavaScript Form

I'm a JavaScript Sample — you won't be able to submit me.

Now about that proprietor person ("AEW")...

Tiny Bio

1910 Secrerary

Old Births New

AEW has spent her working career delivering expert executive administrative assistant. Oh let's count the years. No let's approximate at say 20+ years and counting. It's been a long time of service and battery; but mostly service. AEW threw away the job description (where it existed) on every job she's ever had. Focusing like a lazer beam on the day to day minuet, the nuts and the bolts which are the foundation for growth and success. No tasks was too small (never an empty copier on my watch) or to big (need 20 closing binders completed in 2 hours - no problem). In other words, I take ownership of the daily grind so big time business types can concentrate on successfully growing the company.

Around, oh say 2013, AEW begun the journey of becoming a front end web designer. Six years later, a few websites under my belt and JavaScript still kicking my tail. Hey, I'm loving it. Microsoft Certified, I have the ability to create complex (or simple) formulas in Excel and love making PowerPower presentations look like movies. Now that you are in the know, it's a wrap on this tiny bio. After all, tiny is tiny.

Expertise (or as others may put it "Experience")

Come on now, 20+ years in approximation is no mistake. I do what I do well - VERY well. I hiccup once and a while. Hit a few skids, fall flat as a skimpering mouse on my face and bounce back like a Weebles Woobly. Tough as nails, loyal, determined with a sense of humor is how I roll. Since life is for the living, best to add some learning to it as well...I'm not going to go into my career history. I have a resume (paper and online version) for that. This here page is to show off my learning and of course be informative. How about a side of tips with that experience...K?

Barely making ends meet? Got more month than money? Or are you feeling secure in your jobby job? Well I have some news (no make that two tips) for you.

Tip #1 - Get Yourself a Side Hustle

You've heard about the “new normal” by now. Funny thing is the new has worn off and nothing never became normal. The world is so mixed up right now. You'll need to guard against some major shifts if you are to survive the swirl of the world. Now is the time to consider how you will generate income should you lose your current source. One way to generate income independant of your primary source is to ween yourself from your employer while you are employed. Life doesn't come with guarantees. I believe we've all been lulled into believing that there are guarantees. One of those guarantees we seem to think we have is employment. How foolish to think such a thing. There's no guarantees (okay taxes and dying). Odds are your fall back will fall through. That you will be employed until whenever you decide to not be employeed is fallacy. There's a possibility that you could be employed until retirement. Depending on your age, those odds get lower. This isn't the time to be relying on the loyalty of strangers (that would be your co-workers and supervisors). There's no loyalty in today's corporate world. Add to that, your company's financial well being is most likely not well at all. There's a lot of talk, but show me what they have to back it up. So what they made the Forbes List. According to Forbes Kylie Jenner is a Billionaire. Sorry I don't believe it. It's all just on paper. Does she have a lot of money? Probably, but that's none of my business. Your company ties will cut you like a tomato with a ginshu knife when the __it hits the fan. Best to be prepared. Parttime, work from home is a viable way to make some cash on the side and eventually a living. Don't believe me? Check out Shay and Lovely Lasean, each making a lviing doing the very thing I'm tipping you on. Take a moment and watch a video. Then take another moment and consider your position and how you can stand should the __it hit the fan.

Tip #2 - Got Web page?

What is the first thing people do when they want to check you out? Search the internet. Think about it, you do it all the time. You get introduced to your friend's friend and while you're still in their presence you go online, via your phone, and search them out on facebook. You're looking for a job. Before you even fill out the application, you do a Google search to see if the company has a web page. It's how we all roll these days. Now you can let these here internets speak for you, or you can speak for yourself. Where's your web page baby cakes? Where's the information you want folks to know? Where is the fat and the skinny about you from the horse's mouth? Where the heck is your web page baby? Don't have one, get one. You be the barer of the news concerning you. That said, just because folks will believe a lie before they believe the truth (truth is stanger than fiction - much harder to grasp) is no excuse not to have one. Besides, for some strange reason, employers think you're happening if you have a web page. Not having the know how is no excuse for not having a personal web presence either. You have your drag and drop frame works. A lot of them you can start funds free...you know; gratious. You've got my all time fav, my love — WordPress. There's .org and there's .com. One you'll have to pay for and the other — well it's gratious. Check them both out. If you can use Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, you can build yourself a free webpage. WordPress is a bit more challenging than the others. The free version (.org) has decent templates for newbies. So there's no excuse for you not to have your own web page. Let's go do that — makum web pagey.

Sure wanted to add more to that last tip. Will have to revisit this topic again. Boy I sure do love me some tips!

Skills A Plenty

I would attempt to make the list less dull, but this is about practice. There are about three list tags and I've been using two types since I've started this page. There's the ˂ol˃ (ordered — numbered list) or the ˂ul˃ (unordered — a bulleted list). I find them both very distracting, yet they are staples. So I'm just going to keep doing them until I don't have to check myself. You know, look at a cheatsheet to see how to make the text and the icon line up. I want it to be second nature. So I keep doing list and not really dolling them up. Any hoo, this version we're back to ˂ul˃. I'm testing and trying different resources and I like the Material Icons by Google. They are open sourced; free. A great resource for designers. I guess I should get to listing some skills:

  • build Excel Advanced Functions and Formulas (certified Expert 2016);
  • build Administrative Assistance — call me what you want - I do this at an executive level;
  • build Reponsive Web Design;
  • build Googe Apps — I'm a consumer of a lot of their products - mostly the free stuff;
  • build PowerPoint Advance Animation, and
  • build JavaScript - Beginner Mid-Level.

Course Studies/Certificates

This short pre-amble is the only upate to this section. The info. is still timely. So we decided to just let it ride this round. A lot of handy info for those considering building a webpage. You'll find low cost training that will assist you with the how to. We did update the footer. You should check it out. It's at the beginning of it's transformation. Read on my friend...read on.

I've earned several online certificates from MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). It's been MOOC heaven for me...When I first started learning online, I used Coursera almost exclusively. They charge now, still reasonable, and are recognized , which means business take Coursera certifications seriously. Coursera is a wonderful MOOC, but there are others that are just as powerful...I loved and still love Alison, Skillshare and Udemy. I don't want to be a harper, but I'm emphasizing MOOC learning because it is timely, cost efficient and thorough. Even LinkedIn has LinkedIn Learning and Lynda.com...Not sure there's much difference between those two. However, I've studied on both and if you're a LinkedIn Linker, they'll send you 7 and 30 day free trials for these MOOCs...I've done the trials so many times, I've worn out the freebies...Oh well!...Nevertheless, here are few of the courses and certifications I've earned from MOOCs. Yeah, another list is coming; this one is a ˂ul˃ (norder list in HTML speak). The default for a ˂ul˃ is bullets. The default bullet has been replaced with a picture of a target. Unless the picture fails, then you'll see a square bullet. Ah - progess.

  • Marketing;
  • Business Finance;
  • Project Management;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Responsive Web Design; and
  • MOS Certified Excel 2016 Expert.

That's all for now folks! See you next update.