About This Page

It claims to be the bio of the proprietor for AEDubyah In Order. You will find biographical content on this page (see the "Tiny Bio"). In reality, this page is doing double duty. It's acting as an "About Me" page and as a sample of my web page building capabilities. Welcome to Version 3.0. This version utilizes more advanced CSS, HTML, and some JavaScript. I've learned quite a few frameworks and Version 3.0 is laid out using CSS Flexbox. What a joyful journey. Web design has become a real passion for me. Creating this page from scratch has been awesome training. And as I mentioned in build 2.0, diving deep into using drag and drop themes. I love and use Divi (by Elegant Themes). It's a premium theme and one of my all time favs...

There are plenty of drop and drag web themes and web theme makers out there. You know the saying, "there's something for everyone"; in this case - it's true my friend. If you're interested in building a web page/site (and you should be) do yourself a favor and get familiar with WordPress


Since the last upate, I've learned how to use advanced CSS (including transitions, animation and CSS Flexbox) and became a Free Code Camper...Thanks to Free Code Camp (“FCC”) I've secured my first Web Development Certification (love you Free Code Camp). Oh and I've become a Microsoft Office Expert - currently in the process of obtaining MOS Master status.

To see a screencap of Version 2.0  here.

Link Warning

Be forewarned, almost every link on this page links to my business Website (which continues to be a work in progress), YouTube Channel or work samples (coming soon). To see a more formal resume use the CV Online link (before I rip it to shreds). And of course there maybe links that go absolutely nowhere becaue they are just place holders. See I'm practicing my craft here...That's what this page is all about...Amen...Now about that proprietor person ("AEW")...

Tiny Bio

1910 Secrerary

Old Births New

AEW has spent her working career delivering expert executive administrative assistant. Oh let's count the years. No let's approximate at say 20+ years and counting. It's been a long time of service and battery; but mostly service. AEW threw away the job description (where it existed) on every job she's ever had. Focusing like a lazer beam on the day to day minuet, the nuts and the bolts which are the foundation for growth and success. No tasks was too small (never an empty copier on my watch) or to big (need 20 closing binders completed in 2 hours - no problem). In other words, I take ownership of the daily grind so big time business types can concentrate on successfully growing the company.

Around, oh say 2013, AEW begun the journey ofbecoming a front end web developer and building a virtual B2B administrative services business. I'm Microsoft Certified, Google Analytics Certified and a grateful and devoted Free Code Camper (view my Response Web Design Certification). So there you have it, I'm a work in progress because these dang internets never stop morphing.

Expertise (or as others may put it "Experience")

Come on now, 20+ years in approximation is no mistake. I do what I do well - VERY well. I hiccup once and a while. Hit a few skids, fall flat as a skimpering mouse on my face and bounce back like a Weebles Woobly. Tough as nails, loyal, determined with a sense of humor is how I roll. Since life is for the living, best to add some learning to it as well...I'm not going to go into my career history. I have a resume (paper and online version) for that. This here page is to show off my learning and of course be informative. How about a side of tips with that experience...K?

Are you a secretary?...Do you work in a law firm in an administrative capacity?...Well I have some news (no make that tips) for you.

Tip #1 - Learn Something About Those Internets

You know the thingee we call the worldwide web...Or better yet, the thingee you use to shop on Amazon without ever leaving your desk. Yeah that's what I'm talking about...You need to get familiar with it inside and out...And I'm here to tell you it's not as hard as you think...You've been using apps before anyone called them that...Think Microsoft Office, a whole bunch of apps baby...Here's the deal, your profession is dying. Do you really think you'll continue to be paid top dollar to sit and seach the internets all day. Not going to happen...Best to spend the time, picking up some new skills and making youself relevant and viable. As I've mentioned, if you're good with MS Office, you'll be spectular with HTML and a bit of CSS...No one's telling you to be a back-end expert, just suggesting that you get to know the basics. Learn someting about CMS, build yourself a page using Wix or Weebly. These are drag and drop page buildiers; sort of like playing a computer game...Any hoo, bone up on how a Google Analytics account works. Create a LinkedIn profile or update your existing profile. While you're on LinkedIn learn something about how businesses market on the platform. I'm not even going to talk about Facebook and it's reach...I know you're posting over there all the time...Take a break from posting and check out how businesses use it to promote and market. Basically, my tip is not to wait for the ship to pass you by...It's been sailing for sometime now and it's about to hit your port. Be prepared sec-ees...be prepared.

Tip #2 - No One's Forcing You To Be A Secy

So you're tired of secretarial work and would love to change professions. You can do that...Oh yes you can. If you're stuck or feeling stuck, that's all on you. Your job is not some sort of punishment; well at least it shouldn't be. If that's how you feel about your daytime gig, you should be running for the hills (or some where closer and more accessible). Did you know you are living in what has to be one of the best times for changing professions and/or being alive...Did you know you can learn anything online for practically free these days. Get rid of that tired ole excuse that you don't have the funds. Udemy runs a deal every few weeks where you can learn (from an expert) for $10.99. In fact there has to be a MOOC (“Massive Open Online Course”) for everthing by now. Here's a handy review of some of the most popular MOOCs. It's all self-paced, which erases another popular excuse - "I don't have the time". Again, if you're roaming the internets all day, you have time to check out the courses available to you...They even have courses for folks that have no idea what they want. You know the types that have forgotten they once had dreams. You can get back to them now...It's time for it now...The ship has sailed, don't miss it when it hits your port. You can do this!

Almost feel like adding another tip, but I'm going to leave it for the next version. Boy I sure do love me some tips!

Skills A Plenty

The following is a list of my skills. The list will be ordered ("ol" = ordered list in HTML speak). Which means the list will be numbered - you know in order and stuff like that. Now I'm not really listing my skills in any particular order, just practicing building an ˂ol˃ list. FYI - the skills listed are skills I truly possess. Any hoo, skills AEW has, include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Excel Advanced Functions and Formulas (certified Expert);
  2. Accounts Receivables/Accounts Payable - I know a lot about this stuff;
  3. Front Desk - I've worked it...I call it client care from the door;
  4. Coordinating calanders, meetings, travel and events - order rules the day;
  5. Associates Degrees: Liberal Arts - Science/History; and
  6. Responsive Web Design.

Course Studies/Certificates

I've earned several online certificates from MOOCs. It's been MOOC heaven for me...When I first started learning online, I used Coursera almost exclusively. They charge now, still reasonable, and are recognized , which means business takes Coursera certifications seriously. Coursera is a wonderful MOOC, but there are others that are just as powerful...I loved and still love Alison, Skillshare and Udemy. I don't want to be a harper, but I'm emphasizing MOOC learning because it is timely, cost efficient and thorough. Even LinkedIn has LinkedIn Learning and Lynda.com...Not sure there's much difference between those two. However, I've studied on both and if you're a LinkedIn Linker, they'll send you 7 and 30 day free trials for these MOOCs...I've done the trials so many times, I've worn out the freebies...Oh well!...Nevertheless, here are few of the courses and certifications I've earned from MOOCs. Yeah, another list is coming; this one is a ˂ul˃ (unorder list in HTML speak). The default for a ˂ul˃ is bullets. The default bullet has been replaced with a picture of a target. Unless the picture fails, then you'll see a square bullet. Ah - progess.

  • Marketing;
  • Business Finance;
  • Project Management;
  • Google Analytics; and
  • Responsive Web Design.

That's all for now folks! See you next update.